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Relax. Viking Spas - made in Michigan! - come with a 6 year parts and labor warranty (contact us toll free 800-779-0909 for details), setting them far ahead of the competition. Patented materials and technology provide superior load-bearing capability and a soft-to-the-touch yet surprisingly durable, wear-resistent coating.

Available with a 5.5 kilowatt heater and thick insulation, Viking Spas will heat up quickly and maintain a relaxing temperature even in the middle of frigid Michigan winters.

These luxury spas have touted health benefits. The warmth helps ease the pain of arthritis, while the hydrostatic properties of water boost blood circulation to help ease the aches of a good workout or a hard day crunching away in the office. Viking Spas have carefully placed jet configurations that allow you to move from seat to seat and experience different massages. A hot soak before bed can help you drift off to sleep faster, and the spa provides a great place to spent quality time bonding with your family or significant other!

For more information on all the benefits and latest technological innovations utilized in these fantastic, Michigan-made spas, feel free to call us or browse the manufacturers website!